Tip #1 Of Acne Treatment for Love Your Skin February...DIET!

In our last article we talked about what acne actually is.  It is important to note that acne is a bacteria based skin condition.  One of that bacteria’s favorite fuel is SUGAR.  Yes…that pesky, annoying and totally delicious sweet ingredient that is in so many foods maybe a significant contributor to the proliferation of your acne.  The problem is so many of us can think that we are eating healthy, or eating low sugar foods, when in fact, we are over eating sugar.


We had a client that said she ate healthy, including a cup of grapes every day!  Yes grapes are a fruit, but they also have some of the highest concentration of sugar!  There are other dietary tips for acne to address.


Think of your body as a filter and eliminator of toxins.  Your face being one of the measurement tools.  You face reveals when your body is too toxic.  Whether that be in pimples, redness, rosacea and a litany of other conditions. To be safe, eat as many RAW greens as you can to help your body become more alkaline.


Just think when you eat, does this food taste clean? Does this meal feel light or heavy?  Is this food giving me energy or costing me energy to digest?  These basic questions can help when making decisions with our meals.


When just the food you eat isn't enough, it is important to supplement.  Here are a few supplements you can add to help combat acne from a toxicity and hormonal issue.


Omega 3

Work to aid in the growth of healthy, anti-inflammatory guy microbes.



Keep bad bacteria in the gut and intestines in line.  The probiotics also help the skin receive proper nutrients from the bottom which in turn boosts your skin’s immunity.



This may seem a little surprising, but it has been found that the vast majority of acne sufferers are low in zinc and saw and 50% reduction in their acne when put on a zinc supplement.


Vitamin B

This is a great supplement for fighting free radical damage which not only is a piece of the acne puzzle, but skin aging as well!  It also reduces the sebum that causes acne that is produced after a hormonal spike in the body.


The important thing to remember about your body is that it is designed to survive.  If you give your body the right amount of nutrients, through proper diet and supplements, it will defeat any different conditions; but it does take time and perseverance. So we ask that you stay committed to your beauty!


In all skin conditions, it is important to go to the professionals.  There are many resources out to find treatments, but your local skin care professional can look a little further beyond diet. Stay tuned for our next post that will tell you about some of our innovative treatments to fix acne. Stay beautiful!