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Clear Lift

Lunch Break Facelift
Bring out your natural beauty by CLEAR LIFT
Non-ablative skin resurfacing with dramatic results
For the growing number of men and women that choose to improve the appearance of their skin and reduce the signs of aging, Purity Medi Spa now offers Clear Lift , a breakthrough in non-invasive skin technology which boasts more aggressive treatment with less discomfort and no downtime.

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ClearLift improve fine lines, wrinkles, the appearance of small veins and redness caused by vascularity , and is gentle enough to treat area that are typically too sensitive to treat with traditional ablative lasers, such as the delicate skin around the eyes, neck, mouth and chest..best of all , you can return to your normal routine immediately following treatment without redness or swelling . Put your best face forwards , ask us if ClearLift is right for you .patient treated with ClearLift typically need three to five treatments spaced about a month apart in order to see maximum results. No numbing is required prior to treatment and patients return to work the same day and have no prolonged facial redness and swelling.

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