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Purity Medi Spa is the premier leader in the cosmetic laser industry. We provide more treatments options with professionally certified aestheticians than any other medical spa in Chicagoland. Our approach is simple. Give customers the best treatments, products, technology and experience, period. Your beauty, self confidence and satisfaction are our greatest mission.

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"Razan is the one of the sweetest, most kind hearted people I've ever come across! She is extremely hard working and knowledgeable. She knows what she's doing and most importantly, WHY she's doing it. She can personalize and recommend treatments and products to every one of her clients. Not to mention the incredible decor of the place! My husband, my daughter and I all go to see her! I've even got all of my friends hooked to this place. Every time I go in to see her, I feel like I'm visiting a friend. I would never think of going to any other Medi Spa after experiencing Purity!" - Tarlika Patel


I've heard about Purity Medi Spa through a family member who struggled with ache. Looking at her amazing results I decided to give it a shot. I have been suffering from ache for almost a decade. Going to Purity Medi Spa I have done the chemical peels, extractions and changed my face regime to Face Reality. Before these treatments my ache was severe. Now I'm starting to feel confident and comfortable with my skin for the first time in a long time. My pores have minimized and the redness from the ache is going away along with less pimples each day. I was even given a groupon discount. I would recommend Purity Medi Spa to everyone for their amazing results. You won't leave disappointed. - Maggie Szinte


I have been a satisfied client for almost 3 years now. Before going to Purity Medispa, I struggled with terrible acne (e.g., whiteheads, blackheads, cysts) on my face on a daily basis for many years. I tried countless over-the-counter and prescribed products, but nothing helped my skin feel healthy and refreshed more than the treatments from Purity Medispa. Since my first appointment, I have tried various chemical peels (i.e., Face Reality Acne Treatments and Jessner Peels) and the Pixel Perfect Treatment for acne scars. Not only have Purity Medispa's treatments helped reduce and control my acne, they have made me feel more confident in my own skin. It is a joy every time when I come in for an appointment. The venue is nicely furnished and has a calm, relaxing atmosphere. And the aestheticians, as well as the secretary, are personable, professional, and understanding. Not to mention, the prices for the treatments that I have done are quite reasonable, especially if you buy the Groupon deals. Razan and Stephanie are my favorite aestheticians; they are very knowledgeable, caring, and skilled at what they do. I plan on going to Purity Medispa for as long as I can. -Ashley Serrano


Can't describe how happy I am with this place. I started going to Purity Medi Spa for photo facials and I am thrilled with my results. Razan who did my treatments is extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. She takes the time to discuss your desired outcome and really examine your skin to see which treatment would work best for you. You never feel as though you are being rushed or just another person passing through. I definitely recommend this place! - Kinga Michalak