Dermapen a combinational Dermapen Medical Skin Needling & Hyalurinic Acid Skin Infusion Programme, resulting in impressive skin rejuvenation , healing and revitalising. This treatment is much safer and more effective in piercing the skin than traditional skin needling rollers, because of its unique vertical needling technology. It has a superior effect on collagen and elastin rejuvenation. Active ingredients are directly supplied to the deeper layers of the skin. Dermapen’s multi-speed and adjustable needle depths allows the needles to pierce the skin’s layers at 90 degrees and increases the effectiveness of treatments by increasing the absorption of products. On the other hand, it reduces pain and patient downtime.

The pen can effectively treat hard-to-reach places (e.g. around the eyes, nose, and lips). Because of the vertical delivery, the needles can easily penetrate scar tissue. Dermapen promotes scar-less healing and natural collagen reproduction. Regenerate your skin: Reduce Acne Scars Reduce Stretch Marks Reduce Wound Scars Reduce Stretch Marks Reduce Alopecia Skin Tightening Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines Improve Skin Texture with natural collagen stimulation Skin plumping & hydrating with Hyalurinic Acid infusion

clinical effects

  • skin tightening, lifting, rejuvenating

  • acne scar remodeling

  • fine wrinkle smoothing

  • stretch mark flattening and smoothing

  • scar remodeling

treatment features

  • anti-aging serum is applied during the treatment

  • aftercare regimen is prescribed

  • sun avoidance and sun protection is a must after treatment

  • minimal discomfort with treatment