Cryoskin Face and Body

What is Cryoskin?

A non-invasive fat freezing treatment that utilizes cold and heat to minimize fat cells and tighten the skin. There are 3 intervals of the treatment that alternate between heat, followed by cold, finishing with heat again to treat the desired area. After the first session, your body will begin to transfer the fat cells through the lymphatic system.

How Does This Treatment Work?

Slimming occurs by freezing fat cells in your targeted areas. When those fat cells go below freezing, they undergo cell death and get absorbed by your lymphatic system. This is a natural non-intrusive way of losing fat instantly. 

Toning occurs as a result of thermal shock, which delivers immediately in terms of improving circulation and producing healthy collagen. 

Skin rejuvenation occurs as a result of decreased cellulite, smaller/closed pores and improved circulation and stretch mark reduction.

Before and After Results